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How to repair the cone crusher

1. When the objects which be put in cone crusher is wet or has a large water content, the fixing bolts for fixing the dust seal slip ring should be checked frequently;
2, to be fully loaded production, otherwise there will be a phenomenon of excessive product size;
3, you should always change the lubricant, it can not be too dirty, if it is too dirty, it will accelerate the wear of gears, bowl-shaped tiles, bushings, etc., and even make the bushings break;
4. The fixing condition of the slip ring should be checked frequently to prevent the phenomenon that a large amount of dust and ore enters the machine body due to the failure of the slip ring of the dust seal box in the cone breaking operation, which affects the operation of the equipment and even causes serious equipment problems;
5. There is water in the oil of the crusher, which will cause the oil level of the fuel tank to rise. If the water pressure in the cooler is higher than the oil pressure, the water leakage of the cooler, the water supply of the water seal is too large, or the water supply pipe is blocked, the water may be mixed into the oil in the conical oil, so that the oil level in the oil tank is forced to rise. To deal with this situation, you can adjust the water pressure slightly lower than the oil pressure; check and repair the leaking parts; adjust the water supply; clean the return water line and the fuel tank, and replace the new oil.

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