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Cone crusher can crush different sizes of products

The cone crusher can recycle metals such as copper and iron. The cone crusher can crush metal products of different sizes, and there is only a little metal damage in the crushing process, and the resultcanarriveusers’ requirements. The cone crusher can be used to process scrapped car bodies, old appliances, bicycles, color steel tiles, iron cans, paint buckets, cans and other waste materials to make them a raw material for reuse. Scrap iron can be used for recycling and reuse in steel mills. Scrap copper can be used to make copper tubes and copper wires. Scrap aluminum can be used for aluminum profiles and aluminum plates, and the economic benefits are considerable.
  The metal particles crushed by the cone crusher have the advantages of convenient transportation of particles, which can effectively reduce transportation costs and increase transportation efficiency; the selling price is much higher than the price of scrap iron and aluminum scrap; and it is easier to store than the metal finished product, which can save a lot of store space;It is also convenient for transportation and reprocessing.
  The cone crusher uses the motor to drive the rotor in the main cavity to rotate at a high speed, pulverizing the material into the size and shape required by the customer, leaking from the screen, and colliding with the peripheral shield on the wall of the machine,  The impact between scrap iron and liner to achieve the goal of paint removal. Waste metal products are commonly exist in mechanical products, automobiles, toys and other parts that have been eliminated, and the recycling value is very high.

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