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Difference of Impact Crusher and Hammer Crusher

The impact crusher and hammer crusher both use high speed impact to break the material, and the impact crusher and hammer crusher are not only similar in shape, but also have rotor structure. Therefore, many people think that there is no difference between the two kinds of crushing equipment. In fact, in addition to the differences in the appearance and components of the equipment, the impact crusher and the hammer crusher are in the crushing cavity, the easily damaged parts, and the discharge adjustment,rotor structure and other aspects are very different.
Let ' s take a look at the differences of impact crushers and hammer crushers.
The cavity of impact crusher is larger than cavity of hammer crusher, and the feeding mouth is low and large. The crushing of the material is not only by the impact of the hammer head, but also by the repeated impact between the material and the counterattack plate or the material and the material. The impact crushing effect is more fully, and the mass material is broken better. The broken chamber of the hammer is smaller and the structure sealing performance is smaller. Well, it solves the problems of dust pollution in the broken space and the air leakage of the body. The board hammer / hammer head affects the broken plate hammer from the bottom to the top and throws the material onto the counterattack board above. The hammer crusher is broken down in the direction of the material falling. Counterattack rotor clockwise operation, plate hammer from bottom up to material hammer rotor counter-clockwise operation. 
Pate hammer and hammer head are the main breakage parts for Impact Crusher and hammer Crusher respectively. The wear of the plate hammer of the impact crusher mainly appears on the side of the facing material. The metal utilization ratio of the plate hammer can reach 45-48. The wear of the hammer is more serious than that of the plate hammer, and the metal utilization ratio is about 35%.
There is no grate screen in the lower part of the crusher with different ways of discharging adjustment. The adjustment of product granularity can be controlled by adjusting the rotor speed or rotor diameter adjusting the opening size of the separator and adjusting the clearance of the grinding cavity. Hammer crusher by adjusting the size of the sieve plate gap to control the size of the product. Therefore, when dealing with the material with high moisture content, the counter crusher can avoid the phenomenon of blocking the grate strip when crushing the wet material, which is more advantageous.
The plate hammer and rotor of different Impact Crusher are rigidly linked, that is, the plate hammer is fixed on the rotor, and when the rotor is broken, it can make full use of the inertia of the whole rotor to impact the material, not only breaking the material, It also has a lot of velocity and kinetic energy. The hammer head of the hammer crusher is a single material crushing (the hammer is suspended), with limited speed and kinetic energy. From the above comparison, we can see that the impact crusher has more advantages in crushing the bulk material and the material with higher water content, while the hammer crusher is more suitable for the material with smaller crushing size. In actual production, you can Select the appropriate equipment according to your own production situation , and guarantee the production effect .

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