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How to choose suitable ore crusher or pulverizer?

Different processing projects require different machine equipment, and the price and configuration of the equipment are different. Many entrepreneurs entering the mining industry are not sure how to choose their machines when choosing a machine. If the purchased models meet the production requirements, but far exceed the requirements, it will lead to unnecessary waste of money. Today we will talk about how to choose a machine that suits you. In the case of crushers, we should clarify the following requirements:

What is my raw material? How big is the material? What's the hardness?
The size of feed mouth of different machine equipment is different. The feeding ports of large equipment are large, and the output is relatively high. When we exceed the output we need, we need to reconsider.
The size of feed inlet has certain influence on the production efficiency. The raw material of the first batch of materials is more, more efficient, more productive, less time to produce, and more energy saving.
The hardness of different raw materials determines the speed of machine work efficiency. Materials with low hardness, the equipment can operate quickly, and the materials with high hardness need secondary or multiple crushing and grinding to achieve the required fineness.
Materials of different hardness are different to the degree of wear of the machine. Each crusher or pulverizer will have a vulnerable part, and the low hardness material can increase the use time of the vulnerable parts, thus saving the cost.
2. How much fineness do we need for our finished products? How many tons are produced in a day? What is the area of our site? How much is acceptable?
The type of crusher is different, the discharging capacity is different. A large crusher is several times more productive than a small crusher. Sometimes a small crusher might not be enough, so we need to add a crusher. If the price of two small crushers is higher than the price of a large crusher, we might consider a large crusher. In terms of floor area, a large heavy hammer crusher can be broken into three levels, which greatly saves the site area. But from a price point of view, the price of the crusher is usually lower than that of a large heavy hammer crusher. The specific configuration should start from the actual situation of the individual.

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