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The four elements of roller crusher in operation

Roll crusher is mainly used for crushing medium hardness and brittle material, such as limestone, coal and other materials. In the process of crushing the roll crusher, there are some special needs to be paid attention to, so let's take a look at the four elements of the roller crusher in operation:
1. Filter material before crushing, and add iron removal device to feed inlet.
In production, if not broken falls to the double roller, and can't through the roll crusher, should not broken things will be between the double roller turn repeatedly, easy to cause double roller damage, even cause equipment downtime, shorten the service life of double roller. Therefore, before use, can add iron removal device in the feeding port of roller crusher to effectively extend the service life of the double roller.
2. When the moisture content of the material is large, be careful to prevent blockage.
When broken too much larger or viscous material moisture content, easy to produce the phenomenon of material adhesion or block equipment, at this point, want to stop in time and in view of the blocking reason for processing, not directly in the roll crusher run tong mine, in order to avoid damage to equipment, tong mine medium rupture within the device, even cause more serious production accidents.
3. Use lubricating oil to extend the service life of the vulnerable parts.
The lubricating agent of the equipment should be checked every shift in the roll type crusher to avoid the wear of the double roller bearing and shorten the service life of the double roller.
4. Regularly maintain and repair equipment.
After the production of roller crusher, it is necessary to maintain and overhaul the equipment regularly, so as to maintain the continuous and stable production capacity of the equipment.

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